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Hey, I'm Brodie Giesbrecht

BSc. (Hons.) Sport & Exercise Science

Physique Transformation Coach

I'm a father, recreational bodybuilder and academic who helps experienced trainees take their physique from good to GREAT using scientific principles and my practical and professional experience.

My Story

Peak Physiques - The Early Years

The Early Years

Throughout my early teenage years, I was very inactive, overweight and spent a lot of time not feeling my best. My first introduction to activity was joining a local boxing club, and I slowly fell in love with the training process and self-improvement both mentally and physically that came with it. Over one year, I went through my first physique transformation dropping 70 lbs of body fat. However, I had no muscle to show for it, so began looking into resistance training. After incorporating resistance training with my boxing routine, I very quickly found a passion for bodybuilding and decided to drop boxing altogether to go all in on physique development.

Luckily, I stumbled upon reputable and high-quality resources early in my lifting career, which allowed me to make great progress. I had a lot of people asking me for advice on training and nutrition, which naturally led me to personal training. Five years into my personal training career, I enrolled in university to study my passion for Sport and Exercise Science and its application to physique enhancement.

Peak Physiques - Peak Physique & Education

My Peak Physique Project & Education

Recreational bodybuilding ignited a passion in me for continuous self-development both physically and mentally. I soon realized that taking a science-backed approach to physique development was the most efficient way to get GREAT results. While living in Canada, I went overseas on several occasions to complete a BSc. (Hons.) Sport & Exercise Science from Manchester Metropolitan University - Institute of Sport in Manchester, England.

Throughout this time, I started working with clients in an online format to help them take their physique from good to GREAT. I developed an Evidence Based Coaching practice that incorporates my personal experience with scientific training and nutrition principles that adjust to my client's circumstances. This is my Peak Physique System.

Peak Physiques - Peak Results

My Mission & Why

Bodybuilding has not only sculpted my physique but has also shaped my character and outlook on life. Through perseverance and delayed gratification, I have acquired invaluable skills and traits that have transcended beyond the gym, enriching my relationships, academic pursuits, and professional endeavours. This profound personal evolution has ignited within me a passion to pay it forward and provide others with the same opportunity for growth and self-discovery.

My mission is to create an optimal environment for dedicated and experienced trainees to unlock their true potential through seriously transforming their physiques. I view bodybuilding not merely as a tool for physical enhancement but as a catalyst for heightened self-efficacy and success in all aspects of life. My goal is to foster a compounding effect of empowerment, where the lessons learned and confidence gained in the pursuit of physique development serve as a foundation for continued growth.

If you're passionate about fitness, possess a few years of training experience, and find yourself struggling to progress, my coaching service is tailored to meet your needs. Benefit from my extensive practical and professional experience to enhance your results and take your physique from good to GREAT!

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